On to Israel…

After a relaxing stay in Aqaba, we crossed over into Israel through the Aqaba-Eilat border crossing.  In order to get there from Aqaba, you need to take a cab to the border.  Your cab driver will quote you 8-10 JD, but you can bargain for 4-5 (which we did – on that note, when you take a cab in Jordan, always haggle).   Continue reading

Hiking to the Monastery

After the Treasury, the second most famous structure in Petra is the Monastery.  The Monastery, or al-Deir in Arabic, is inaccurately named – it was likely a temple.  The Monastery is about an hour and a half’s hike from the Treasury, and consists of roughly 800 steps.  The best time to go is in the afternoon, as the steps are largely shaded at that point, while the facade of the Monastery is fully lit up by the sun.  You will have many offers for donkey rides, so if the 800-step ascent seems too daunting, hop on a four-legged taxi.

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