Playlist for a Road Trip

As both a travel and music enthusiast, I often go somewhere with the perfect song or album already in mind for the journey there.  Listening to that particular album while getting to or in that destination is like the cherry on top of a complete life experience.  In fact, not having access to that music may even take away a bit from the experience.

What albums do you have to have with you in the car for a long drive? Here’s a countdown of Husband’s all time top 20 road trip albums.

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I like my hair and also, my sanity

So we finally finished all of the inoculations needed for Zimbabwe! Besides all the basics like chickenpox, measles, and the like, we had to get our bases covered from the more exotic diseases like Typhoid, Malaria, and HepA. Typhoid is an immunization, and you just take 4 pills 6 weeks prior to your departure. But at $100, is is not cheap! But I suppose that is a small price to pay to not lose your hair from the high fever, and to keep paranoid psychosis at bay. Let’s keep the crazy to a minimum, shall we?

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