Snowfall at Zion

As we were experiencing unseasonably cold weather for early April in Zion, we experienced a snowfall during our second day at the park.  Due to the cold weather and the potential for ice, we decided that the steep, narrow Angel’s Landing hike would be best saved for a day with better weather.   Continue reading

Zion National Park

“One hardly knows just how to think of it. Never before has such a naked mountain of rock entered into our minds! Without a shred of disguise its transcendent form rises preeminent. There is almost nothing to compare to it…this Great Temple, [has the beauty] of eternity—”

Frederick Samuel Dellenbaugh, early American Western landscape artist, on Zion National Park

One of southern Utah’s many jewels, Zion National Park’s rocks rise majestically around you, forming the enclave of Zion Canyon, the result of years of tunneling by the seemingly nondescript Virgin River.  With a wide variety of attractions, most of which involve hiking, Zion is a must-see for any visitor to the southern Utah/northern Arizona area. Continue reading