There’s a piece of Britain in the Outer Banks…

Hatteras Island is a remote barrier island that, over the years, has been made less and less remote due to the bridges and highways (albeit a two lane one…but they still call it Highway 12) that have been built over the years to connect it to the rest of North Carolina and to the world.  At the southern tip of Hatteras Island, however, exists a ferry that can take you to an island that remains disconnected except by water transportation.  This island is Ocracoke.

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Panorama of Salvo

I tried my hand at taking a panorama with the Nikon.  Basically, you take a series of overlapping pictures using a tripod and then use Photoshop to stitch the pictures together.  I’m not an iPhone panorama snob (although I only have a 4s…so it’s not oozing megapixels) but it’s cool to know I can also do it this way.  (Full-quality image here)


Outer Banks Musings…

It’s a warm December here in the Outer Banks – quite a bit warmer than previous winters spent here.  This means that we have been able to walk around in shorts and a tee-shirt most days we have been here.  We’ve also enjoyed warmer water, which means that while wetsuits are required for brave souls venturing into the ocean, gloves and hoods are not.  Here are some of the other things that we’ve enjoyed this week in the Outer Banks.

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