Wholly Loud in the Holy Land

When I was booking our AirBNB in Jerusalem, I was intrigued by several features of the place we ended up booking: hip (and convenient) neighborhood, full kitchen, balcony overlooking the activity on the street, good reviews, good price.  As we neared our check-in date, I again reviewed our reservations and started to see reviews that warned of the loud bars that had recently opened downstairs.  “How bad could it be?”  I said.

Apparently, it could be pretty bad. Continue reading

On to Israel…

After a relaxing stay in Aqaba, we crossed over into Israel through the Aqaba-Eilat border crossing.  In order to get there from Aqaba, you need to take a cab to the border.  Your cab driver will quote you 8-10 JD, but you can bargain for 4-5 (which we did – on that note, when you take a cab in Jordan, always haggle).   Continue reading