Välkommen till Stockholm

Jolyn’s video of Stockholm…One of my favorites of her Super 8 app series.

Fun fact: Vikings didn’t really have horns on their helmets.

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Boar Salami, Smoked Reindeer Heart, and Mead

When you’re in Sweden, you can’t help but feel like a Viking sometimes.  You can really indulge in your primal Viking desires when eating at some of Stockholm’s restaurants.

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As much as any place we visited on this trip, I could live in Stockholm.  It’s a wonderful place.  We were given the opportunity to quickly visit Stockholm on our way back from Venice.  The flights from Venice to New York often had layovers in Stockholm. Flying from Venice to New York on Tuesday, with a layover in Stockholm, was rather expensive.  Flying from Venice to New York on Thursday was also expensive.  However, the flight from Venice to Stockholm on Tuesday was cheap, while the flight from Stockholm to New York was cheap.  So instead of completing the travel on the same day, I decided to book the Venice – Stockholm leg for Tuesday, then complete the journey to New York on Thursday.  That meant we got 36 hours in glorious Stockholm.

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Max – the Swedish In-N-Out

Hello all! Welcome to our EuroTrip 2015. Some stops to look forward to: Amsterdam, Belgium, four stops in France, Monaco, two stops in Italy, and Stockholm. I have been frantically trying to update the blog to finish up the posts for last year’s trip (dear Wife has had little time to devote to writing lately…) but I was not able to do it justice, so we’re kicking off this summer’s trip blog. Our goal is twofold: 1. To update our loved ones of our whereabouts (shout out to moms and grandmas out there!) 2. To be able to give as comprehensive and accurate account of our trip, before certain details slip away.

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