Venice – A throwback to 2015

Hi everyone! We are currently on our summer trip and having a blast. So far it’s involved 100+ degree days and a 3:30am wake up call, of sorts. That’s all the hints you get for now. Any guesses?? Posts and pictures to come!

Until then, here’s a video I just finished of last years time in Venice. Grab a classic Venetian Apperol spritzer and enjoy the canal views!   Continue reading

Venezia, Part II

The beautiful city of Venice has a lot to offer.  If you go during the summer, expect plenty of other people to be there with you.  It’s definitely worth seeing, however, even if you have to fight the crowds.  Here’s a rundown of some attractions you may want to check out in the Queen of the Adriatic.

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The day we were scheduled to leave Cinque Terre was one of the few rainy days we had for the entire trip, so it wasn’t so bad that it came during a travel day.  We spent about 4 hours on the train, much of which were spent napping or reading.  But while switching trains, we did have time to stop for a Coke for Signore Bella Vita.

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