Too Many Ruins

One of the coolest things about Athens is that you can walk through a modern city and get a great insight into what it would have felt to walk the same street 2,500 years ago.  There are not many places around the world where you can see the same man-made structures that people walked past centuries ago.

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The Cradle of Civilization

You probably learned a plethora of information about Athens and the Greeks in your middle school classroom.  In fact, you may have been subjected to me talking about Athens and the Greeks, either in a classroom or informally.  With good reason, mind you: the Athenians, are, according to all Western civilizations, all that and a bag of pita chips. But you may have some questions, such as “How long should I stay in Athens?  What sites in Athens should I see?”  This post will help you plan your next trip to the birthplace of democracy.

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