So I hear this Throwback Thursday thing is all the rage now?  Hmm.  #tbt.

Husband (before he was Husband) in Paris in 2009…

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The Palace of Versailles; or, “Let Them Eat McDonald’s”

On our last day in Paris, we decided to go to the Palace of Versailles.  It’s a full-day excursion, so plan accordingly.  Let’s start off with some quick facts about the Palace.

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Bonjour et salut!

Bonjour et salut! This is Jolyn, and welcome to our first Paris post! (Otherwise known as look at pictures of us eating food. That and a few little steel sticks thrown together called the Eiffel Tower.) This blog post will be split between myself and John. I will give you a quick overview of our arrival, and John will continue with some things to see.

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