And the beat goes on…

The end of summer never bothered me. Whenever I would hear others lament and complain about the end, like it was the end, I just couldn’t relate. Like everything else, there was just always something to look forward to. (The end to humidity! Using my oven! Sweaters!) Continue reading


Our next adventure was to be found in Lyon, about a 5-hour drive from the Loire Valley.  We set off early and planned to take the back roads to Lyon, which tacked on about two hours, but also saved us about 45 euro from what we would have spent on the exorbitantly expensive French motorway.  (Seriously – if you have the time, avoid France’s toll roads.  They are ridiculously expensive.  They do save you a lot of time, but are severely overpriced).  Aside from frugality, we were also simply excited to just experience the countryside.  So that’s exactly what we did!

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