Gentlefolk in gentle Ghent

Ghent is a youthful town that was abuzz with a local festival that we happened to stumble upon. Each summer, Ghent holds a 10-day festival that runs all day and that continues, in some bars and restaurants, all the way through the night. (This was according to a local café owner who comes to work at 6AM, when some people are just concluding their share in the nightlife.) Restaurants were bustling, fair rides a-swinging, and street performers were a-dancing and we just happened to fall right into it! Part of some of fun was watching the street performers that would set themselves up on random corners. And they were really good! And the variety! There were jazz bands, street vaudevillian slight of handers, and a cross between an oompah band and house-cleaners (think people dancing with feather dusters).

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