And the beat goes on…

The end of summer never bothered me. Whenever I would hear others lament and complain about the end, like it was the end, I just couldn’t relate. Like everything else, there was just always something to look forward to. (The end to humidity! Using my oven! Sweaters!) Continue reading


Venice – A throwback to 2015

Hi everyone! We are currently on our summer trip and having a blast. So far it’s involved 100+ degree days and a 3:30am wake up call, of sorts. That’s all the hints you get for now. Any guesses?? Posts and pictures to come!

Until then, here’s a video I just finished of last years time in Venice. Grab a classic Venetian Apperol spritzer and enjoy the canal views!   Continue reading


Prague is a dark place. – Fred Durst

Prague never lets you go…this dear little mother has sharp claws. – Franz Kafka

Prague is a city with a difficult past and remarkable resiliency.  Despite dark corners of its history, from the burning at the stake of “heretical” reformer Jan Hus to occupations by the Nazis and Soviets, Prague has been able to weather these cultural and political storms throughout its history.

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