Last day in Thailand!

Hi everyone! Many apologies for the delay in blog posts! We have been on safari in the southern portion of South Africa near Mozambique… so needless to say- no wifi! We have much to catch you up on, and will get you up to speed over the next few posts. Also, for any worry about the 5.5 earthquake you may have heard about, it centered in the far northwest corner near Namibia and we are in the southeast, probably the distance of Florida to NY… So no worries at all! Now let’s get back to Thailand!

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The monkeys always win!

So we definitely got our share of monkeys yesterday!

Out for breakfast by the beach, we came across these adorable monkeys. We couldn’t tell if they were playing, fighting, or role-play fighting. But a great time was being had by all! That is, until a little orange kitty came to slink into their midst and crouch in some nearby grass like a lion lying in wait.

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As I lay dying

The one thing I didn’t want to do while we were away was get sick! And only 2 days in I found myself sprawled on the bed sighing and groaning over the detestable things of my digestive system. Was it the ultra spicy Green Mango Salad I had? Or was it the meal I ate in a restaurant that had NO sinks in the bathrooms? Seriously, there were just toilets. (Of course discovering this AFTER the fact.) John and I laugh that I should dedicate a blog posting entirely to health and safety violations we come across here in Thailand.

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