You’re on African time now

After what we shall call the unfortunate squid incident, we arrived in Bangkok to catch a 10 hour Thai Airways flight to Johannesburg, South Africa. While the staff and service was as lovely as I have come to anticipate, the flight left much to be desired. The turbulence was awful. A lot of the side, side…..up… DOOOOWWWN. I’ve done my share of flying, not a lot, but a bit. And while this didn’t rival the cardiac-arrest inducing final decent into Columbus, OH (by far the MOST harrowing I’ve ever experienced), it was disconcerting. But I looked around the plane and everyone was sleeping, or trying to, so I figured if they weren’t worried, I shouldn’t either. John was able to sleep through most of the flight, I was able to get a few hours, and we arrived on time with a few more gray hairs and one of our nine lives lost.

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