Convention – Day 2

Day 2 of the convention started much like the previous 4 days we had stayed at the Cresta Lodge – by going downstairs to enjoy the full breakfast, which is included in the price of your room.

Before we get to that, a side note – Zimbabwe is not cheap.  If you want to have top quality food and lodging for an affordable price, South Africa is where you want to be.  Seriously.  South Africa is so affordable.  I don’t think there’s any place I’ve ever been where you get so much bang for your buck.  We stayed in the heart of one of the trendiest parts of Cape Town in a fantastic B&B with great breakfasts for about $70 per night.  Top-notch dinners with drinks were $35 for both of us.

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Convention – Day 1

Today is the first day of the convention and that means getting up at 5:30AM! We were very exhausted after our long and emotional trek out to visit to the rural village the day before. But alas, no rest for the weary, teary, or bleary!

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Let’s build a house, build a fire, and ride our bikes 4 hours a day!

After a relaxing morning of souvenir shopping that we covered in the last blog, it’s now the afternoon and we are headed off to visit a rural village. So we load onto the bus with our trinkets and curios, and away we go! -Jolyn

So we head out of the city, and after traveling for about an hour, they brought us to a Kingdom Hall for a restroom break.

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A good time had by all!

It’s been hard to find the time to update our blog now that we are back! But stick with us; it’s worth the wait 😊….

After a much needed nap from field service that day, it was time for a little fun! The host committee had kindly put together an opportunity for all of us to relax, and get to know some of the other delegates as well as some locals. The Evening Program is a standard for most international conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses and all delegates are invited to attend. Of course Zimbabwe had so many delegates, they had to have more than one!

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And they just made us come… stay…and eat!

Today we were scheduled to spend time with a local Kingdom Hall in the town of Ruwa. This was very exciting because you get to spend one on one time with individuals- which is a nice variation of always being in a group on a tour (“We’re walking… we’re walking.”) Sometimes a little one-on-one is all you need!

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