Freedom Ride 2017 – New Zealand

Life is three dimensional.

Photographs are two dimensional.

But both of those are still subject to time. Time is one dimensional. It just goes forward.

In normal fashion, I regrettably don’t have the time to dedicate to any vacation videos and blogs until I’m on the following vacation. (Cue the I don’t know emoji πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ) I wish it wasn’t that way! Perhaps that will change sometime in the future (perhaps it won’t and you’ll watch me repeat this mantra again.)

So I present to you New Zealand! It was great to experience landscape and remote beauty instead of a crammed, humming city. One of the similar reasons why I fell in love with Crete, it felt so great to just get in your car and be self-directed. There was no train to make, or dinner reservation to schedule. You just did what and when you wanted to do it.

Highlights of the trip: hiking a glacier on Franz Josef, a cruise with a delightful dolphin in Milford Sound, and nameless serene villages all in between.

We may not be fully in control of how we spend every moment in time, but do your best to deeply live in that time of the moment.

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