And the beat goes on…

The end of summer never bothered me. Whenever I would hear others lament and complain about the end, like it was the end, I just couldn’t relate. Like everything else, there was just always something to look forward to. (The end to humidity! Using my oven! Sweaters!)

This summer feels a bit different. Perhaps it’s the series of changes we’re anticipating over the next few months, but I’m feeling the need to stick my head in the sand and stop time. While admittedly this can be self-destructive and not very grown-up, sometimes we have to be like that kid that holds their hands over their ears because the fireworks are just too darn loud!

So let’s go back in time when life was all about castles, and mysteriously romantic Lyon and its traboules and my favorite activity, wine hiking. (If it were an Olympic sport, it’s my personal belief I’d medal in it.)

Come with me back to 2015 and join in my Blah! Blah! Blah! I can’t hear you, life!


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