Snowfall at Zion

As we were experiencing unseasonably cold weather for early April in Zion, we experienced a snowfall during our second day at the park.  Due to the cold weather and the potential for ice, we decided that the steep, narrow Angel’s Landing hike would be best saved for a day with better weather.  Instead, we opted for the easier Emerald Pool trails (split into Lower, Middle, and Upper Emerald Pools, yet all along the same trail).  Despite having to endure some cold weather, we made the most of it, and felt pretty good once we got moving.  The pools didn’t look so emerald on this snowy day, but the waterfalls were still spectacular.

The easy 3-mile hike got our blood pumping and whet our appetite for more Zion sights. After warming up with some soup  in the lodge, we got a chance to scope out some of the other Zion highlights.



The Court of the Patriarchs – three peaks known as Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob


By the end of the day, the sun started to come out


Jolyn gets too close to the mucky-muck


It looks like we’ll have a beautiful day tomorrow!

Although we only completed the Emerald Pool hikes, taking the shuttle around ZNP and getting out at several stops allowed us to get a good feel for the park.  Tomorrow, we would tackle our most challenging hike yet, the famous Angel’s Landing!


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