Why Maui is the Best Hawaiian Island

Of the four Hawaiian Islands we’ve been to, Maui is our favorite.  We have found it to have the perfect blend of natural beauty and youthfulness.  The varied landscapes were fascinating and left much to be discovered around every corner.   Here are some reasons why Maui is our favorite island.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 12.03.30 AM.png

You can get some peace and quiet. We heard some people remark that Maui was a bit too busy for them, and while Oahu is the busiest island, they felt Maui still did not provide the peace they were looking for.  We did not find that to be the case.  I would venture to say that anyone who has found Maui to be too busy was simply staying in the busy areas.

When staying in Maui, location is key.  If you like polished condos or resorts, those options are available to you in Wailea and Lahaina.  Lahaina is a rather busy town that used to serve as Hawaii’s capital before Honolulu.  These towns offer plenty of hotels and resorts by Hyatt, Westin, the Four Seasons, and more global chains.

If you prefer to live a little more off-the-grid (as we do), you would do well to stay somewhere else.  We picked a backwoods B&B called Windward Garden that is technically located within the unincorporated community of Haiku, but really, is in the middle of nowhere.  And we loved it that way.  The owners, Susan and Chris, moved to Maui from New York in the 1970s and never left.  Susan plays the role of taskmaster, while Chris takes charge of each morning’s fresh breakfast while embodying the peaceful spirit of a true islander (as Chris describes, mali’e, which means “calm” in Hawaiian).  The fruit and food is grown on their luscious property, which adds to the charm.  Just down the dirt road is a walkway to a few more homes nestled into the woods, as well as a pathway past a field of cows to the beach.  We treasured our time at the Windward Garden because we felt like we were really all alone in a remote part of the world.  The closest land mass to Hawaii is 2,400 miles away, and it felt like it in Haiku.

The island is filled with smaller beach towns, so if Haiku isn’t yours, find another one.  We thought Hana (the eventual destination of the famous Road to Hana) was quite attractive, and we may want to stay there next time.

Maui is naturally beautiful.  There are such a variety of landscapes in Maui.  You will never get bored.  Around every corner is a different scene.  Maui has volcanic craters, lush green coastlines, and rugged stretches of mountains.  It feels like three or four different countries packed into this one small island.  From the Haleakala Crater, which feels like you’re on the moon, to the beautiful volcanic rock beach at Wai’anapanapa State Park, you will always be amazed at Maui’s beauty.

You can be adventurous.  Whether you enjoy road trips, watersports, snorkeling, hiking, camping – you name it, you can do it in Maui.  Three of my favorite road trips that I’ve ever taken have been on this island.

So while your Hawaiian Islands adventure may not only consist of a trip to Maui (as well it shouldn’t – diversity is important!), it should include Maui.  Don’t leave Hawaii without seeing a continent’s worth of beauty crammed into a tiny island.


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