Coney Island in Winter

If you live in the Northeast and you’re not away for the long weekend, you probably have taken note of the fact that it’s incredibly cold outside.  When it gets a little warmer, but not too warm, we will make a point to head over to Brooklyn to Coney Island.

Considered a barrier island of Long Island as well as part of the borough of Brooklyn, Coney Island’s history as a resort actually dates back to 1829.  Since then, New Yorkers from every borough have schlepped their beach chairs, umbrellas, and children over to the beaches of Coney Island.

I’ve actually never been to Coney Island in the summer.  There’s just something about the solitude of the place in the winter that is appealing.  I suggest you go enjoy a Nathan’s hot dog and a 32 oz Killian’s, walk on the beach to look for sea glass, and finally, take a ride in the Cyclone.


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