In tribute to #tbt, I’m going to throw it back to 2012 and one of my favorite trips ever.  During this trip, my friends and I traveled from Germany, through Austria, and ended up in the Czech Republic.

One of the coolest cities I’ve ever been to is Munich.  There are few cities in the world that merge efficiency and community so well.  While in Munich, you will not forget you are in Germany (well-organized train and bus lines, clean facilities and sidewalks), but you will also feel at home as you are invited to sing with local Germans while enjoying a liter of beer.  The city fits like an old shoe – comfortable, not overcrowded, and familial.

Things to do in Munich:

English Garden: Munich’s version of Central Park, the English Garden is where local Münchner relax, play sports, and even surf on a man-made river.  I only got to the edge of the Garden, but would like to go back and check it out.

Marienplatz: The central city square of Munich since 1158, Marienplatz is a great place to stroll around take in the sights of Munich.

Beer Culture: Munich (and Bavaria in general) is renowned for its beer culture.  Just a few of the famed beer halls include Hofbrauhaus, Augustinerbrau, and Paulaner Braeuhaus.

We were fortunate enough to be staying in a hostel right across from the Augustinerbrau, so we made it a nearly nightly visit.  The atmosphere at these beer halls is unbeatable.  In many of the beer halls, there is a limited selection (light and dark beer, plus perhaps a couple of others), but it’s all quite nice.  Additionally, if you are a fan of Bavarian food, you will not be disappointed.  The wursts are juicy; the pretzels are glutenous and salty.  If you have the opportunity, order the obatzda, one of the most heavenly beer-hall foods in the history of mankind.  It’s a mixture of cheese, butter, onions, garlic, horseradish, cloves, and cream – just dip a pretzel in it, and you’ll be on to your third or fourth pretzel before you want to stop.

And the oompah-bands?  While they may seem cliche , they are absolutely a staple of Bavarian beer halls.  Enjoy the experience, sing along with the locals, have a good time.

The best thing about Munich is that the best part of Bavaria isn’t even Munich…but it isn’t far away.  Next time, I’ll share some pictures of the beautiful scenery of the Bavarian Alps.


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