The Havoc of Sandy

These are some photos of the Outer Banks of North Carolina from December, 2012.  They portray just a small piece of the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy to the east coast of the United States.

The Outer Banks are particularly vulnerable to hurricanes due to their location and size.  The razor-thin islands jut out significantly into the Atlantic off the coast of North Carolina, putting them in prime hurricane zone.  Much of the region (in particular, Hatteras Island) is especially prone to the effects of extreme weather due to the narrowness of the island – even within the towns of Rodanthe, Waves, and Salvo, the island can be less than 1/2-mile wide.  During my lifetime, in which I have spent time during every year of my life in the Outer Banks, I have seen my share of damage done to the homes and businesses there.  However, the resilience of the community has always impressed me.  Undeterred by the damage caused by such storms, the men and women of Hatteras press on and enjoy their peaceful existences.

We saw the effects of Sandy in New Jersey, but hurricanes like that are a part of life every year for people living in the Outer Banks.  Seeing these sights made me appreciate the power of storms and how quickly they can change someone’s life.


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