Bannerman’s Castle

On your way up to the Beacon area, don’t forget to enjoy the scenery as you go.

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Bear Mountain Bridge

Be sure to take a peek at Bannerman’s Castle.  Located on Pollepel Island, the castle is easily viewed from the New York side of the Hudson.

What is Bannerman’s Castle, and who is this Bannerman guy?  

When Francis Bannerman VI purchased the island in 1900, he intended it to be used as a storehouse for his business, which involved dealing guns and ammunition.  The castle, modeled after castles from Bannerman’s homeland of Scotland, was to be an arsenal for his weapons – as his New York City storehouse was not a safe location to store his 30 million munitions cartridges.  Construction ended, however, when Bannerman died in 1918.

How to see Bannerman’s Castle from the shore:

If you travel on 9D just north of Cold Spring, NY and stop at the Breakneck Ridge Metro North station (and by station, I mean, wooden platform), you can catch a great glimpse of the castle.  Park your car along the side of the road and climb the steps to the platform overlooking the train tracks.  The castle is in clear view, but if you want to get an up-close view, don’t forget your binoculars or telephoto camera lens.


When you make it up to this bridge, you will be able to see the castle

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Seriously, that’s the train “station”

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How to get to Bannerman’s Castle:

Currently, the partially-completed castle is owned by the New York State Office of Parks.  Now, you can take a guided tour to the facility; however, solo trips are not permitted (so proceed at your own risk if you choose to kayak over).


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