Boar Salami, Smoked Reindeer Heart, and Mead

When you’re in Sweden, you can’t help but feel like a Viking sometimes.  You can really indulge in your primal Viking desires when eating at some of Stockholm’s restaurants.

Stockholm is quite expensive.  However, you can still enjoy a fantastic meal for a reasonable price.  After reading some glowing reviews on TripAdvisor, we settled on Stockholms Gastabud for dinner.  Stockholms Gastabud is a cozy restaurant located in the old town, Gamla Stan.  There is some outdoor seating in the summer, and dining space for about 25 inside.  We happened to get there at a time where we could be seated immediately (at the last table!), but we hear it can be quite popular, so you may have to wait a bit if you visit.


The menu was full of traditional Swedish fare at a very reasonable price point.  You could get a main course for 150-190 Swedish crowns (about $17-21).  In Stockholm, this is an excellent price.  The food turned out to be delicious, making it well worth the price.

For our meals, we wanted to enjoy the full Scandinavian experience.  We ordered an appetizer of boar salami, smoked reindeer heart, and smoked elk.  It was incredible!  Afterwards, I wanted to go up to people and say, “I just ate a HEART, man!”  It may be the most hardcore thing I did all trip.


For my entree, I went with the Swedish meatballs.  Yes, I know you can get these at Ikea in Elizabeth, NJ.  I wanted to see what real Swedish meatballs were like.  The verdict?  They were awesome.



Afterwards, we went to a heavy-metal-playing Viking themed bar called Medeltidskrogen Sjatte Tunnan.  Apparently, we got there a few hours before the Viking party people really showed up.  But what did we drink?  The homemade mead, of course.

21296408804_7b548c775d_k 21298029033_d02999650e_k 21731100490_efed096c01_k

What is mead?  It’s an alcoholic drink popularized in Norse culture that is created by fermenting honey with water and hops or grain.  It’s kind of like a beer, with a slightly sweet taste.

Not far from our boat-el, we walked home and enjoyed night falling over Stockholm.

21731305918_c1283025a5_k 21296406244_dcb9035186_k

Tomorrow, we would wake up and fly back home to JFK.  It was too short, Stockholm!  Until next time.  Vi ses snart!


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