Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare

After Jolyn was feeling better, we decided to check out two of the other villages in the Cinque Terre.  First, we headed for the only one of the villages that has a full beach, Monterosso al Mare.

Cinque Terre Pro Tip #1: If you don’t like crowds, don’t go to Monterosso in August.


Apparently, we weren’t the only ones with that idea.  In short order, we skipped town and headed south to Vernazza.  Vernazza, being one of the larger towns in the Cinque Terre, was also somewhat crowded.  However, it retained much of the charm of its southern neighbors, the charm that Monterosso was lacking at the time.

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We found a nice little beach just off the main square of Vernazza.  There’s a small trail leading to a cave-like opening.  Walk through the cave, and a small, rocky beach emerges.  There were some people there, but it was by no means packed.  We enjoyed taking a dip in the mildly tumultuous waters (like a gentle washing machine).  This was much more our speed.  We stayed for a little while and then headed back for Manarola.


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