The day we were scheduled to leave Cinque Terre was one of the few rainy days we had for the entire trip, so it wasn’t so bad that it came during a travel day.  We spent about 4 hours on the train, much of which were spent napping or reading.  But while switching trains, we did have time to stop for a Coke for Signore Bella Vita.

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Cinque Terre

Going into this trip, the Italian Riviera was one of my top travel destinations in the world.  There’s something about the sea, a sunset, and a view – it’ll get me every time.  If you ever want to give me a gift, please give me a view.  That’s good enough, and it’s better than any sort of material possession you could provide.  Ever since I was young, I was attracted to the idea of being in a position where I could see everything that was going on – whether on top of a mountain or on top of a skyscraper.  It was that perspective that I loved.  In the Cinque Terre, you can really find that perspective.

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