Chenonceau and Chinon

Of the 50-some-odd castles in the Loire River Valley, one of the most beautiful is the Chateau de Chenonceau.  Nicknamed “Chateau des Dames” (Castle of the Ladies) due to its design and decoration being heavily influenced by some of France’s most famous women, Chenonceau is a jewel of the area and a must-visit.

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Although we arrived in Azay-le-Rideau under the impression that we were in the middle of the sparse French countryside (which we were totally satisfied with), we would soon discover that there was more to this place than dirt roads and troglodytes.

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Bonjour et salut!

Bonjour et salut! This is Jolyn, and welcome to our first Paris post! (Otherwise known as look at pictures of us eating food. That and a few little steel sticks thrown together called the Eiffel Tower.) This blog post will be split between myself and John. I will give you a quick overview of our arrival, and John will continue with some things to see.

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