Hello Amsterdam!

With all of the fabulous places we planned during this trip (Nice, Paris, Venice, etc.), I hadn’t prepared for Amsterdam. I mean, I had done a cursory overview, but when John told me that he finished booking our Amsterdam apartment, I really just went back to planning my outfits for the French Rivera. (Oui oui!)

So how do I describe our 2 days in Amsterdam… Have you ever had a dinner party, or an evening out that was unexpectedly one of the best nights of your life? The food: perfect, the company: delightful, the conversation: joyful… But all in an unexpected way? The closest word in English is serendipity. (Cue romantic movie time, kiddos!) If anyone knows Dutch, and can find that similarly translated word, let me know because that was it! Serendipity.

Matt (one of John’s closest friends) and Michelle, his wife, joined us for Amsterdam and it was such a jovial city… it was just perfect to share it with them!






Giving the pretend cow some pretend snacks at the cheese museum. ‘Sir! Don’t eat the exhibit!’




Hi, may I move in here?


Python bridge


No shame in my tourist game. 



Ur doing it rong. 





We all decided we want want to move into this neighborhood.


Suppose this bench will fit in my carry-on?



John pulled over on his bike and yells, “Keep riding, I want to take a picture; I’ll catch up in 2 minutes!” So here we are 2 HOURS later after backtracking and searching for him… and we ONLY find him after John makes conversation with a Korean guy ‘Steve’ and gets him to share his wifi to contact us. 2 miles later. Sheesh.


The oldest continuously operating pub in Amsterdam – founded in 1642.



This photo captures the hundreds of years of settling that have occurred with the buildings: kinda crooked… wonky, beautiful, individual. 

And last but not least- John and I love to take pictures but we aren’t professional photographers. Our pictures give you the visual, but the videos tell the emotion… enjoy:


6 thoughts on “Hello Amsterdam!

  1. Wowee!!! This is all so amazing and beautiful. How wonderful that you could share it with Mart and his darling wife😊👏💜💚🌸. Ps you are a trend setter. I wore a scarf in my hair like yours out in service today. The young server at Starbucks loved it and is going scarf hunting today! I showed her your picture!

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  2. Jolyn, your “shadow” video was just brilliant!!! I could really feel the “emotions” you were talking about. I kept expecting to see one of The Beatles (John or Paul) come out of the shadows … It looked as if it was one of “their” old home movies – maybe one of the European cities they we’re touring in during the late 1960’s !! Thank you for sharing! 🚲⛲️🚢

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  3. I love this! I’ve always wanted to go and it’s nice to know Amsterdam will not disappoint! Thanks for the pics and the videos. I’m so glad you’re having great weather! Also glad you found John 😛


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