Max – the Swedish In-N-Out

Hello all! Welcome to our EuroTrip 2015. Some stops to look forward to: Amsterdam, Belgium, four stops in France, Monaco, two stops in Italy, and Stockholm. I have been frantically trying to update the blog to finish up the posts for last year’s trip (dear Wife has had little time to devote to writing lately…) but I was not able to do it justice, so we’re kicking off this summer’s trip blog. Our goal is twofold: 1. To update our loved ones of our whereabouts (shout out to moms and grandmas out there!) 2. To be able to give as comprehensive and accurate account of our trip, before certain details slip away.

So right now, we’re on our way to the first leg of the trip, but not without a six-hour layover in Stockholm. Incidentally, if you’re trying to catch a connecting flight after landing in Stockholm, you need to disembark, go through passport control, walk down a flight of steps…and wait to get screened at the security checkpoint directly through a door adjacent to the staircase. But the checkpoint is, like, RIGHT outside the stair corridor. So basically you have people lined up two flights of steps waiting to go through, holding back their luggage so it does not avalanche down the steps. Sounds like the Germans could assist the Swedes with their efficiency.

If you want a delicious Swedish fast food burger (and who doesn’t?), go to Max. Here’s Jolyn after two hours of sleep on an overnight flight enjoying her Max.



4 thoughts on “Max – the Swedish In-N-Out

  1. Lol! You write with such humor, John! I feel like I am right there with you all, holding my luggage on the steps! Hope you all catch some much needed Zs before enjoying your amazing new sights!


    • Thanks Aunt JP ๐Ÿ™‚

      In the air now…On our way to Amsterdam. Memom says you’ve been! Looking forward to it. Say hi to everyone for us, love you guys!


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