Falassarna Beach

Nearly as impressive as Elafonissi is Falassarna Beach.  A more manageable 50 minutes from Chania, Falassarna can serve as an excellent and easy-to-access day trip spot if you’re using Chania as your home base.


Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 7.21.10 PM

Even though Falassarna was not quite as beautiful as Elafonissi, it still is worth checking out.  As you exit the main roads and head towards the coast, the drive becomes increasingly beautiful.  While not as treacherous as the drive to Elafonissi, it is still important to exercise caution driving down the long and winding roads towards the beach.

Falassarna is free to enter (as are most Greek beaches outside of the Athens area…I think it’s only in NJ that you have to pay to go on a beach…but that’s another rant for another day).  There is a small charge for renting a chair and umbrella, if you want some shade.  However, this is not essential, as if you do a little searching, you can find a nice shaded spot under some trees.  While these spots may be sought after, if you go during the week, you should have no problem snagging one of these prime locations.  We had no problem getting a parking spot in the small lot and finding a place to set up.

As far as the setting, Falassarna has a soft sand cover and calm waters.  It’s ideal for sunbathers, families, and swimmers who prefer calmer waters to float around in.  If you are the type who likes to ride waves, you won’t find any here; however, you shouldn’t be too bored with the fantastic scenery around you.  The view of the surrounding mountains on the land behind you is quite beautiful.  It’s worth taking a few minutes to float in the water and take it all in.

15448229493_2066eeea08_zSave your money and skip the umbrellas; instead, find some shade under a bush or tree

15880965967_231bfcbef9_zCalm swimming conditions at Falassarna

15880457458_86abc4a7ea_z Here’s that shady spot, without a person in sight

16067195092_118d6ed4df_z Falassarna is a good place to chill out

16065959131_c6c6a9dd74_z The clear waters of Falassarna

16042094206_fdb8bbd5d5_z If you walk to the north end of the beach, you can see this sweet abandoned skiff.  Seaworthiness is undetermined at this time.

If you make the trip to Falassarna later in the day and don’t have any pressing dinner commitments back in Chania, it is highly recommended to stick around for the sunset.  Crete’s sunsets are much like Crete itself – beautiful and highly underrated.  While Santorini gets all the love for its sunsets, the Cretan version is nothing to shake a stick at.

15879447340_8802826271_z 15879445810_190a2d8feb_z

At some point in your trip to Falassarna, I recommend taking a quick drive around some of the local roads and making your way over to Ancient Falassarna.  During our journey, the road to Ancient Falassarna was closed, so we weren’t able to visit the old harbor and settlement.  However, on the approach to the entrance, we could still appreciate the beauty that was surrounding us.  Unassuming and unpopulated, the setting sun danced on the mountains around us. It was a truly moving place.  Once disembarking from our tiny hatchback, it felt like we were standing in a place that was the exact same 3,000 years ago as it is now.  It was intensely quiet and peaceful.  I felt like I had been transported to another time.  As we were the only ones in the vicinity, we had it all to ourselves.

16066032942_7f73df0997_z The road to Ancient Falassarna

15448219243_55c7ed36e6_zThere’s a tiny church way up there in the mountains

16067885645_b8237ec59c_zThe profound beauty and serenity of Ancient Falassarna – doesn’t this place just look ancient?

All in all, Falassarna can be a beautiful spot for history lovers and beach-goers alike.


Until next time,


More on the ancient harbor at Falassarna, which flourished during the 4th and 3rd centuries B.C.E., can be found at this website, History of Falassarna.


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