Welcome to Crete

Greece is home to over 6,000 islands distributed throughout the Aegean and Ionian Seas.  By far the largest of those islands is Crete, which is over 3,200 square miles.  Crete may not get the fanfare of Santorini or Mykonos, but it is one of Greece’s most beautiful destinations.  At just a 2-hour hydrofoil ride from Santorini, it’s easy to access if you’re already on Santorini.


As mentioned earlier, Crete is quite a large island, which you could spend weeks exploring.  We only had time in our six-day trip to the island to stay on the western side.  While there, we made our home base in Chania (pronounced hahn-yah).  Chania is a charming town that is rich in history – its essence is a patchwork of cultures that have called this town home over the years.  While it has been inhabited by the Byzantines and later the Ottomans, the most obvious influence comes from the Venetians, who settled in Chania after the Fourth Crusade in 1204.  The city, based on a harbor, is reminiscent of Venice, but without the canals.The old town (which is closed to vehicles) is a series of narrow streets and alleyways, each of which contains fascinating nooks and crannies.

15880482268_2232ce8003_z (1) 15882143727_8c31400a77_z15880610650_7bb80508ca_z 15880651259_5e09c34b23_zThe charming harbor of Chania – quiet during the day, a bit more busy at night

The best way to spend a day in Chania is to wander through the streets with nowhere in particular to go.

15448233553_348b54522c_z 16067911845_6ffa60722c_z 16067207662_e64deba6ef_z 15448247743_0f4dc00287_z 16065983671_2027d91402_z 15880478458_64df953c12_z 15448248883_d1f7ab40c8_z 16067217482_070b925e8b_z

Make sure to stop in to one of Chania’s many open-air tavernas for some lunch and my Greek beer of choice, Alfa.

16067202732_26db21ebe7_z 15881810369_64cb4607eb_z 15880462238_54ccc03f90_z 16067913605_6aee3f50a4_z

While in Chania, we stayed at the fantastic Mama Nena Charming Hotel.  They weren’t lying – the place is pretty charming.  It’s located right on the harbor, and the top floor room has a magnificent view.


The entrance to Mama Nena isn’t exactly easy to find, especially when arriving at midnight.  We had more than a few confused locals who could not offer us directions.  We finally reached the entrance after winding through a maze of narrow streets in the old town.

15880480818_bc3be9f2c2_zThe lobby

Breakfast options are copious and delicious – along with cooked egg dishes, a variety of local fruits are offered along with bread and preserves, cheeses, yogurt, and fresh honey.

15448255603_54ee9dcd26_z 15880634730_bc2a954db1_z  15445616694_247e9c5a9d_z


While Chania has plenty to offer, there is also much to see outside the town.  We will take you there next!

μέχρι την επόμενη φορά,



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