What to do in Amsterdam…

Hello all, Husband here.  This is a quick reference guide on some things you may want to check out in Amsterdam.

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Hello Amsterdam!

With all of the fabulous places we planned during this trip (Nice, Paris, Venice, etc.), I hadn’t prepared for Amsterdam. I mean, I had done a cursory overview, but when John told me that he finished booking our Amsterdam apartment, I really just went back to planning my outfits for the French Rivera. (Oui oui!)

So how do I describe our 2 days in Amsterdam… Have you ever had a dinner party, or an evening out that was unexpectedly one of the best nights of your life? The food: perfect, the company: delightful, the conversation: joyful… But all in an unexpected way? The closest word in English is serendipity. (Cue romantic movie time, kiddos!) If anyone knows Dutch, and can find that similarly translated word, let me know because that was it! Serendipity.

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Max – the Swedish In-N-Out

Hello all! Welcome to our EuroTrip 2015. Some stops to look forward to: Amsterdam, Belgium, four stops in France, Monaco, two stops in Italy, and Stockholm. I have been frantically trying to update the blog to finish up the posts for last year’s trip (dear Wife has had little time to devote to writing lately…) but I was not able to do it justice, so we’re kicking off this summer’s trip blog. Our goal is twofold: 1. To update our loved ones of our whereabouts (shout out to moms and grandmas out there!) 2. To be able to give as comprehensive and accurate account of our trip, before certain details slip away.

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The Cradle of Civilization

You probably learned a plethora of information about Athens and the Greeks in your middle school classroom.  In fact, you may have been subjected to me talking about Athens and the Greeks, either in a classroom or informally.  With good reason, mind you: the Athenians, are, according to all Western civilizations, all that and a bag of pita chips. But you may have some questions, such as “How long should I stay in Athens?  What sites in Athens should I see?”  This post will help you plan your next trip to the birthplace of democracy.

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The Cave of Agia Sofia

En route from Chania to the beach of Elafonissi just after the town of Topolia, we saw signs for the cave of Agia Sofia and decided to check it out.  After climbing about 220 steps (only 4 times as many as it takes to get to our apartment!) we reached the cave.  You will see magnificent stalactites and stalagmites and a church built into the rock high above Topolia Gorge.  It’s free to visit, so check it out!

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