Kouloumpos Beach


During our time in Santorini, we found that far and away our favorite beach was Kouloumpos Beach.  Just a short ride from Oia, Kouloumpos is one of the most underrated and unheralded pieces of property on the island.  It was not featured in any of the travel guides and it is seldom featured in online “Go Here in Santorini” lists.  It’s hard to find information about it online; I almost feel like the locals are trying to keep the masses from figuring out it exists.

It does exist, though.  And you should go there!  (Just don’t tell too many people.)

If you’re used to milky white sand and Caribbean beaches, you’ll be disappointed in all of Santorini’s beaches.  You don’t go to Santorini for the beaches, but they are a nice bonus and should not be missed.  At first glance, Kouloumpos looks nondescript.  However, it turned out to be a welcome sight because of its lack of unwelcome sights – the crowds.

I know, I know.  As tourists, we are part of the “crowd.”  That’s just the way it is.  But there are times on vacation where you just don’t want to be near everyone else.  We found that solitude on Kouloumpos.  There were no food stands, restrooms, or people renting umbrellas for 5 euros.  It was empty.  We loved it.

16067949865_2e70b3a8cf_z (1)

The sand looks a bit rocky and coarse from afar, but it’s actually not too bad.


The beach is also great for swimming, because you can relax in the water and not have to worry about noisy children or crowds.


Many beaches in Santorini offer umbrellas and refreshments (as you may have seen in the previous post) and cater to what amounts to a mass “organized sunbathing” atmosphere.  If that is not your scene (it’s not mine at all), you will be drawn to Kouloumpos.  You will have the beach to yourself and really be able to stretch out and enjoy it.


Unique rock formations at your back 

15448276613_e8a178968a_z 15448276073_2b1c5afe54_z

Taking in the Kouloumpos sunset


Ready to head home – just 6.5km back to Oia proper

If you want to find Kouloumpos, the beach itself is not even on Google Maps!  However, you can navigate there by entering information for the Soulis Apartments – this small lodging is across from Kouloumpos.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 4.23.52 PM

Up next time: eating tzatziki in Imerovigli!

μέχρι την επόμενη φορά,



5 thoughts on “Kouloumpos Beach

  1. Hi there! Found your blog via TA. I am wondering, did you get around Santorini with GPS in hand? and how safe was it to drive an ATV in santo/? Thanks for reading.


    • Hi Beth! We found it very easy to get around without GPS. We picked up a free paper map with our ATV at the rental agency in Oia and we were on our way. Santorini is small and roads are well marked, so finding your way around is a breeze. ATVs are a great way to get around and we found it to be quite safe. Yes, you have cars passing you on winding roads up mountains – but just stay to the right, don’t do anything reckless, be safe. You’ll be fine and you’ll have fun doing it. We will absolutely go with the ATV the next time we’re there.


  2. Hi Thanks for writing back! I read a lot of accident happen in santorini while tourists were driving ATV and other type of vehicle. My husband and I were quite terrified renting one. how many days did you rent the atv and do u have any recommended shop to rent the ATV? We will be staying at OIA as well 🙂


    • That may be the case – we were there in July, and we felt very safe. I was not familiar with riding an ATV, and I got the hang of it very easily. I have the tendency to be very careful with operating something I’m unfamiliar with until I get the hang of it, so I took it slow on the ATV for a while until I got used to it. But soon after, it became really easy and fun. I never took it up to high speeds and went around corners cautiously. I never rode too close to the edge of the road so as not to hit any ditches. It was a blast, and we would do it again. I forget the name of the place we rented from, but it was in Oia and the price was reasonable – under 20 euro per day. Just ask the person who you are renting from/at the hotel desk, they will likely have recommendations.


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