A photo-tour of Oia

The next morning, I woke up early, so I decided to take a brief tour of Oia before Jolyn woke up.  I quickly discovered that you really can’t take a bad picture in Santorini.


The cliffside homes and winding walkways of Oia


This is the main walking street in Oia.  Most of the town only has walking streets; no vehicles are permitted.


Some half-completed stone structure.  It is fairly common in Greece to stumble across a building that was stopped mid-construction.  It seems that there is relatively little concern about extension cords and abandoned tools laying around.  Somehow, though, it works – the buildings fit artistically with the rest of the decor.


A meeting spot for catamarans several hundred feet below us


I think they forgot the roof…


Typical Santorini homes


There are more churches in Greece than people.


A classic windmill of the Greek isles.


Bougainvillea of Oia


Even the public restrooms are attractive!


Sampling the most popular Greek beer, Mythos, on tap.  It’s better than Budweiser.


Is that property for sale?


A lazy day in the alleys of Oia.


A colorful restaurant and art shop.


Beautiful Oia.


Jolyn and I on the way to breakfast


Breakfast with a view


Where did all these people come from?

Around 11am, the streets of Oia become somewhat congested due to the tourist traffic from cruise ships.  The ships dock at Fira, which is where most of the people on the ship go to shop and eat.  However, some make it over to Oia, making it much more crowded.  They leave around 2pm, and the crowd thins out again.

One word of advice if you are staying in Oia – make 11am-2pm your quiet relaxing hours.  Grab breakfast early, come back for a nap, then enjoy the mid-to-late afternoon.  Not only do you beat the crowds, you beat the heat also.

One word of advice if you are stopping in on a Mediterranean cruise – change your plans.  Book a room.  You need much more than three hours to soak in Oia.

Μέχρι την επόμενη φορά,



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