Hello, I’m looking for a soda can hat.

Well hello again! We are now at Thursday, the last day before the convention! After working on the post for close to 10 hours, I realized I really need to break this into 2 posts! So here’s the AM portion. Enjoy! -Xoxo

Today is Thursday and I woke up VERY excited for what activities were planned for us! The host committee had scheduled a day for us to shop at the local market for souvenirs and trinkets (or as they wrote in the activity description, and John LOVED repeating, ‘curios’) followed by a trip out to a rural village. Did the day disappoint? What was the rural village like? Did we find any said ‘curios’? Let’s find out!

After a short bus ride, we came to a collective of small buildings that was almost a little village unto itself. There were few signs, few paved walkways. Which of these unmarked doors led to souvenir shops, bakeries or maybe workshops that didn’t sell anything? Ok … So let’s find out! Did I want to walk down this path in front… or, perhaps turn to the right down this other path? I don’t know. I realized that I was so used to American marketing messages (Shop here! Buy this! Turn right for Cinnabuns!) telling me what to do, It felt awkward being curious. To explore. The influential nature of advertising, media, and simply the abundance of information, it sometimes feels like we have lost the ability to think or analyze and respond.

So instead of worrying how to be efficient and make the best use of our time, we wandered. And we found cute shops:


And enjoyed nature:


DSC_0880.JPGThis tree is really that green!


And obsessed over all the steel frame windows!

My dream home would have windows with tons of this steel strip deco (so I could enjoy watching all of my ponies and kittens in my backyard, of course. )

But otherwise, this shopping trip was very serious business:



You could even buy money:

DSC_0882-0.JPGHave we talked about Zimbabwean currency, before they moved to the American dollar? Very interesting explanation here.

The shop owners saw our badges and asked lots of questions about the convention! In one shop, we saw the owner reading the Watchtower and Awake magazines and struck up a conversation with her. She asked for more magazines, since she was almost done with the ones she had. Good thing we had extras on us!

After buying a few gifts, our bellies were all ‘hey, remember me?’ There was a fine-dining restaurant within the shops, but at $20 a plate, it was a little too rich for our blood. While I’m sure it was delicious, we were looking for something simpler. So we started to look around and found a small building in back with hardly any signage, except a small menu out front. It was perfect! Chicken stew, sadza, and bitter greens for the budget busting $4. We found a branch to rest on and couldn’t be happier!


After getting our consumer on, it was time to get back on the bus. From here we were headed to ‘the rural village.’ We weren’t exactly sure what we would encounter here, but we were eagerly anticipating it nonetheless.

It didn’t disappoint, and was life changing.

I love the little boy at :26 who goes to collect his sister and brings her back to the group.

The rural village tour, next time on the blog!


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