A good time had by all!

It’s been hard to find the time to update our blog now that we are back! But stick with us; it’s worth the wait 😊….

After a much needed nap from field service that day, it was time for a little fun! The host committee had kindly put together an opportunity for all of us to relax, and get to know some of the other delegates as well as some locals. The Evening Program is a standard for most international conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses and all delegates are invited to attend. Of course Zimbabwe had so many delegates, they had to have more than one!

We were fortunate to be staying in the same hotel as the event. So we left our room and walked to the other side of the hotel following signs… But as we got closer we didn’t need any signs! We were welcomed by a band full of marimbas! They were other Jehovah’s Witnesses who volunteered their time to practice for months!

Don’t you just love the coordinating costumes?

They were great to listen to, but they were even more fun to watch! And we had the chance to meet some of the locals while we were listening/dancing.

Spiffy moves!


I really, really wanted that hat!

At one point, one of the musicians put down his mallet (mallet?) and he pulled in others to keep everyone dancing. Of course, it was unusual that John would need such encouragement.

Later, we found our escort card, and made our way to the table. Now anyone knows the key to a successful dinner party is the right mix of people. A good, mixed salad of personalities. And they did not disappoint! We had the perfect combo of married, single, locals, delegates and so on. But soon the program began! Along with a phenomenal dinner, they had planned a full variety show of entertainment. First off was a local dance that told a story of times past- of hunting, planting, and reaping. We were in a corner, but I was able to get a few pictures.



Next was a children’s choir, then an adult choir, followed by a video presentation, and experiences. In the experiences, it was astounding the dedication that brothers showed in the missionary work even though circumstances or conditions weren’t favorable; it gave all of us the opportunity to meditate on ourselves and our own level of dedication. There isn’t enough space, time, or ipad battery to contain them!

After dinner, we provided our own entertainment to our table mates. Something John and I always seek out when we travel is the local experience. While we like to partake of the tourist offerings as context for culture, I find it fun to get in a little over my head and then try to climb back out. Let’s leave the psychoanalysis on that one for another time!

So the one local food we had yet to try was the mopane worms. I mentioned this in an earlier post, but they are the GIANT dried caterpillars. While we were both intrigued, it was still a worm, and a bit overwhelming to this American. But I’ve eaten stranger things before (escargot or tobiko anyone?) so I wasn’t about to be outwitted by worm jerky.

And then John goes in.

I just love hearing the sister next to me squeal with delight when John tries it. Notice the bug juice on his right thumb at :22!

We enjoyed a little more silliness, good association, and then it was early to bed.




Tomorrow is our last day of activities before the start of the convention. And we meet this brother:

His name is Albert and why would he ride his bicycle 4 hours, 2 times a day? Find out next time! Don’t miss it- it might be the best post yet!


8 thoughts on “A good time had by all!

  1. Hi,
    Im Brenda was also invited to the same gathering. Also have videos of your husband dancing with my husband!!! It was nice of you coming to zimbabwe. I can see myself dancing in the videos posted above. thanks for the blog.


    • Hi Brenda! How sweet of you to comment and stop by! It was life changing for us. πŸ™‚ isn’t it fun to see all the pictures and relive it all??! Much love to you and your family!!


    • Brenda –

      Thanks for stopping by. Please exercise caution if you post any videos of me dancing…it may damage the internet.




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