The hanging gardens of Babylonstoren

What a dreary day we woke up to! But the heavy nimbus clouds played a lovely balance for the gorgeous Muizenburg Beach.





And then we were off for the much anticipated wine tasting! The wine region in South Africa is huge! You have a few different regions, but we focused on Stellenbosch. And I have to admit, this was a day that was surprisingly impressive. I mean, we were definitely looking forward to it, but I really didn’t have an inkling of the beauty that awaited us.

First stop Tokara:


We were so very happy with the tasting, we bought a bottle. I wish I could have gotten more! The sommelier (are they called that at a winery or just a restaurant?? I just don’t know) was so warm and took time with us explaining many things that we just nodded along to. Haha. And what a beautiful land they had.



Next stop was Babylonstoren. I had seen a picture or two on the internet but I was just not prepared for this place! I’m a huge fan of Terrain (where we had our wedding rehearsal dinner), and I believe I’ve found the source of their inspiration! With a tremendous attention to detail, every inch of the property was a feast for the eyes.

They had barns and gardens of vegetables and herbs:



And shops with a sorts of chutneys, and pickled vegetables, and breads to buy:


And then it was time for lunch! They have a fancy restaurant, or you can eat in their greenhouse and have inexpensive sandwiches and salads. Guess what we chose? Being a huge fan of both sandwiches and greenhouses the choice was clear. From the service, to the actual meal, it was just ethereal!



And as it turns out you can stay on the farm! And i think I’ve discovered my dream kitchen!


And then later that night the nice couple from the local Kingdom Hall that we went out to dinner with, Vanessa and David, invited us to their home for a lovely braai! We met some of their friends and it was just so wonderful! They so went out of their way for us and their kindness and hospitality will not be forgotten!


And then off we were again for a new city, Jeffrey’s Bay! Check out John!


More on this to come!


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