120 seconds to Mars

We woke up early in the morning, as we had… more sightseeing! But today was a little different, and had a little something extra I was VERY excited about! I’ll get to all the tasty details on that… but first, Table Mountain!


After another fabulous breakfast at our B&B, we headed off to Table Mountain. This is right next to Lion’s Head Mountain that we had just hiked a few days before. But this one is even taller!

At the wise suggestion of our proprietors, we purchased tickets online which was a discount of 20 Rand (a little less than $2) but it saved us about 60 minutes of waiting in line!

Now you can hike this mountain, but the trek takes several hours each way. But more conveniently, they have a furnicular that will bring you to the top in 2 minutes, and the views are amazing. And a fun surprise is that the floor rotates! Which gives you such a great 360 view of the city.



We had fun taking pictures and walking around the flat-top surface Table Mountain is known for. John and I both thought that the landscape reminded us a little of the Haleakala crater in Hawaii (which is 10,000 feet high): kind of lunar looking with low lying plants; what we would imagine Mars would look like.

Soon it was time for lunch! Earlier in the year, I was reading a listing of the top 20 restaurants in the world. And The Test Kitchen in Cape Town was listed. So John indulged me with a lunch reservation! I was besides myself with anticipation!

We were seated at a low bar which overlooks the kitchen. I was able to watch all the goings on in the busy kitchen! One guy all he did was clean out almost intact eggshells. What would he be using it for, I would soon find out!

We opted for the course lunch with wine pairing. The menu is so complicated with many facets of coulis of this and essence of that, so pictures instead!

Bread course:


Tomato & eggplant:


Pickled fish & BBQ carrots:


Grilled scallop & shitake:


Pork belly with parsley apples:


Veal sweetbreads (funny story: John ordered this and I immediately stopped him and asked him if he knew what it was! He didn’t, so I told him! But he said they sounded delicious so ‘who cares!’):


Linefish (don’t remember which kind!):


Duck confit with foie gras egg:



Apples with elderflower jelly & stinging nettle granita:


Cheese plate:


I cannot rave about The Test Kitchen enough! If you ever find yourself in Cape Town and love your food, have a wonderful treat and go there! The food was so perfectly balanced, the service was flawless, and I felt so taken care of with all the details fully thought out and executed with joy!

Afterwards, we decided to go to a the neighborhood Bo-Kaap, famous for its colorful houses. In the past it had been racially charged, but now it is racially diverse with black people, Muslim, those that are biracial, and whites. But from what we saw it was very Muslim. And the few we saw were very kind and interested in us. We took a few pictures:







We had fun snapping shots, but we drew a few looks from a few locals. So we were determined not to overstay our welcome and zipped on out. Sometimes there’s nothing worse than being an American is acting like an American 🙂

But the color wasn’t over!


More on that next time!


6 thoughts on “120 seconds to Mars

  1. Wow to it all!!!!!! I would love to do that day🌍. Ps memom looooves sweetbreads!!!! Thanks for sharing. These blogs are so much fun!!!!


  2. You made me hungry! What creative and appetizing dishes, only to be following by more colorful and amazing houses ….great shots.


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