From pangolins to penguins: Boulders Beach

Isn’t this place gorgeous?!


I was so looking forward to hanging out with the penguins. We went to Boulders Beach, where the little guys call their home. While there was a place you could get in the ocean and swim, all the penguins were hanging out here, where they are cordoned off from the humans (and besides, it’s winter! Only crazy Scandinavians were frolicking in the waves.)

We just couldn’t stop taking pictures!






Later we drove down to the Cape of Good Hope…another scenic drive! (Sheesh, how many does this place have?)




We were happy to get home and get to bed early! We had a big day ahead of us! Here’s a hint.

Been there:


Ate that:

Can anyone guess what this is? (Hee hee!)


9 thoughts on “From pangolins to penguins: Boulders Beach

  1. I had the same thought!!!lol. Actually I’m afraid to find out๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ what beautiful photos ! Unbelievable trip! (Ps official announcement at Hackettstown KH 4 new pioneers! Mom, Karen Thorn, plus a married couple. Guess who??!!)


  2. I shared your beautiful photos and experiences with some children at a Bible study. They loved the animals and the helicopter ride. Thank you for the great experiences through your eyes and written word.


    • That’s such a nice compliment, thank you! That was my primary goal of having this blog- to share our experiences with others ๐Ÿ™‚ the fact it was with children is even nicer!!


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