The monkeys always win!

So we definitely got our share of monkeys yesterday!

Out for breakfast by the beach, we came across these adorable monkeys. We couldn’t tell if they were playing, fighting, or role-play fighting. But a great time was being had by all! That is, until a little orange kitty came to slink into their midst and crouch in some nearby grass like a lion lying in wait.

While the monkeys had been almost completely silent as they were jumping from here to there in the trees, when there was this feline presence, the entire mood changed from fractious frenzy to somber vigilance! After a few minutes, one monkey, perhaps speaking up for the others, showed his displeasure by making a coughing sound in the direction of the cat. After a few minutes of this, the cat took the hint and lumbered away.

Just prior to all the fauna fisticuffs here’s a video we shall call “Monkeys are fighting” starring my lovely husband.

…and also, “Aurgghhh, thud!’

Later in the day, John got a touch of a fever (he’s all better now), so I went off to have our laundry washed. (By the way, I think I walked past Megan Fox!) On my walk I ran into these little hooligans. I suppose they are the Thai equivalent to raccoons…? Just perhaps less rabid. This video is entitled “You win today little monkey! That was close!” or also “He’s getting into the beer!”

Later, we had a great Thai dinner on the interior. I had a glass noodle salad with a dragon fruit smoothie, and the first person who guesses what John ate gets a pair of Thai chopsticks.

I was VERY excited to finish the night at a beautiful resort’s lounge called The Grotto. We were escorted to the end of their luxurious property via golf cart only to find there was a miscommunication, and the location was under renovation. I was so disappointed! Here’s a stock photo of what it looks like (see! Awesome!)


But there’s no crying in Thai y’all so we just relegated ourselves to this awful place! (Yeah right!) No better way than to end the day than with my love.



7 thoughts on “The monkeys always win!

  1. Wow. I’m so late!!!!! Pad Thai !!!!! You will have to go back some day for the grotto!! Take us with you 🍷🍷🍷🍸🍸🍸🍍🍈🍍🍌🎸🎸🎸


    • Thank you!! The best is yet to come… Keep an eye out for the ‘greenhouse’ lunch. It’s such a girl’s place for ladies who lunch! Wish it was closer to take you 😊☺️


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