As I lay dying

The one thing I didn’t want to do while we were away was get sick! And only 2 days in I found myself sprawled on the bed sighing and groaning over the detestable things of my digestive system. Was it the ultra spicy Green Mango Salad I had? Or was it the meal I ate in a restaurant that had NO sinks in the bathrooms? Seriously, there were just toilets. (Of course discovering this AFTER the fact.) John and I laugh that I should dedicate a blog posting entirely to health and safety violations we come across here in Thailand.

But today I am MUCH better after some Aleve and grapefruit seed extract we brought for just this type of thing.

So while I lay dying, John went out to discover more of our island and he cheered me up with what great photos he brought back!



And at the end of the day I was able to get out for dinner. (I looked for a place that served American food to keep the tummy happy- I ordered French fries… Yes I was THAT person who orders Western food on vacation. Sheesh, I was I embarrassed for myself, in front of myself.) John, on the other hand is eating Pad Thai everyday and he rates them accordingly. This is par for the course as he did the exact same thing in Greece eating tzatziki all around the islands at every chance he got.

Halfway through dinner, I just couldn’t wait to get horizontal again. So after nodding off at 9pm, John went out to the beach and played with some of his new photography toys.


Looking forward to getting out today and seeing all of it myself!


6 thoughts on “As I lay dying

  1. Oh no!!!!! Do they serve oatmeal anywhere? Or plain rice??? At least you have a sense of humor about you 😉
    Greaaaat photos!!! Woweeeee.
    I hope u feel better very soon 🌴⛵️🌅


    • Thanks! It’s up and down, I think I’m a little better today than yesterday 🙂 tomorrow we are taking an excursion to another island so I’m hoping and praying I’ll be well enough for that!


  2. So sorry to hear you are sick. That is the worst. If you run out of your stuff and want something else for the tummy try charcoal tablets. They work really good, that’s what nick took in Madagascar. Love to see the pictures it looks beautiful. Keep up the good work on uour photography end John! Until next time Jules

    Sent from my iPad


    • Thanks for your well wishes! I’ve been reading up on self remedies and you are right, charcoal is pretty consistent on message boards. Turns out it’s pretty cheap here too. But I think the worst is past, thank goodness!


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