Surf, sleep, braai

Now we were at a very exciting part of our trip. Jeffrey’s bay! For many surfers (speaking of John here, as my surfing prowess wouldn’t even get me out of the bunny surf) this is Mecca! On a good day, the waves form perfect tubes that you ride so far, once you finally bail off the wave, your walk back to where you started from is 15-20 minutes! But first we had to get there… via The Garden Route.

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From pangolins to penguins: Boulders Beach

Isn’t this place gorgeous?!


I was so looking forward to hanging out with the penguins. We went to Boulders Beach, where the little guys call their home. While there was a place you could get in the ocean and swim, all the penguins were hanging out here, where they are cordoned off from the humans (and besides, it’s winter! Only crazy Scandinavians were frolicking in the waves.)

We just couldn’t stop taking pictures!

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