Thailand is like that …

So today we woke up too late to take the tour I wanted, and didn’t get to eat breakfast at the place I hoped to, got lost on the island we did end up going to, and then the beach we wanted to visit there was impassable because of the waves.

And so what did happen instead?

We went to another island that was amazing: Koh Phi Phi, and we ate at another place in which we discovered my new favorite food, Roti (Thai pancakes that you can get filled with all kinds of things from sweet, like Nutella and bananas or savory, like ham, onions, and eggs)… and then we discovered this place: a shady, empty beach, and blue as far as you can see… WITH A ROPE SWING!!!

When we ever so specifically define our wishes, we receive according to the limits of our experience … And close out the opportunity for something far more superior. 🙂



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