Hello and welcome!

Hi! I’m Jolyn and my husband’s name is John. We are taking the biggest trip of our life! We are starting off in Thailand, traveling to South Africa and then finishing in Zimbabwe. (Zimbabwe? Yes!) For our honeymoon we went to Greece for two weeks, then last year we went to Hawaii for three weeks, now we are planning to travel for a month… So perhaps we are slowly working ourselves up to a permanent vacation! Follow along with us, let us know what’s happening back home and feel free to comment on my blatant misuse of Oxford commas and my inevitable dangling participles (there will be many!)

Hugs, John and Jolyn

P.S. A big shout out to our 4 ex-marines that are house sitting! They are down to only 2 pit bulls, so they have plenty of time to watch Home Alone and perfect their boiling-oil-over-the-door booby trap. Keep up the good work, guys!



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