Thailand is like that …

So today we woke up too late to take the tour I wanted, and didn’t get to eat breakfast at the place I hoped to, got lost on the island we did end up going to, and then the beach we wanted to visit there was impassable because of the waves.

And so what did happen instead?

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26 hours of travel!

We left the house a few hours before our flight (who likes to be rushed? Not I, said the girl with a Xanax prescription) so we were happy to arrive well in advance of our boarding time. We had some United club passes we were excited to use. Never having been in a private airline club, I was expecting something glamorous like your own personal sommelier! white linen tablecloths! and Frank Sinatra entertaining us all! … but I was only welcomed by complimentary conference rooms and Coca-Cola. No harm no foul, so we grabbed a window seat and some nibbly bits, and plugged up all our devices.

John has traveled a lot and is a fantastic, cool-headed flyer. I, on the other hand, can only survive this ‘running of the gauntlet’ with a sleep mask and the right amount of a doctor prescribed narcotic. (I think this stems from the time I was traveling for work in my 20s and was seated near 2 Air Marshals and the man they were extraditing. Good times!)

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