Freedom Ride 2017 – New Zealand

Life is three dimensional.

Photographs are two dimensional.

But both of those are still subject to time. Time is one dimensional. It just goes forward.

In normal fashion, I regrettably don’t have the time to dedicate to any vacation videos and blogs until I’m on the following vacation. (Cue the I don’t know emoji 🤷‍♀️) I wish it wasn’t that way! Perhaps that will change sometime in the future (perhaps it won’t and you’ll watch me repeat this mantra again.)

So I present to you New Zealand! It was great to experience landscape and remote beauty instead of a crammed, humming city. One of the similar reasons why I fell in love with Crete, it felt so great to just get in your car and be self-directed. There was no train to make, or dinner reservation to schedule. You just did what and when you wanted to do it.

Highlights of the trip: hiking a glacier on Franz Josef, a cruise with a delightful dolphin in Milford Sound, and nameless serene villages all in between.

We may not be fully in control of how we spend every moment in time, but do your best to deeply live in that time of the moment.

To warmer times

Only a year and half late, our little movie from our summer 2016 trip to Jordan, Israel, and Turkey.

What took us so long? Life. But no worries: things are great and we’re still traveling away!

Never fear- more trips are planned and more blog posts are to be written. I loved the Middle East so much, I might just realize my dream of going back soon. Very soon. Of course that joy is still only second to going to Hollywood, attending a taping of The Price is Right, and winning both showcases. A girl can dream, can’t she?

Until then, we save our pennies: cutting down on eating mostly vegetarian, cancelling my gym membership, making my own clothes.

Wholly Loud in the Holy Land

When I was booking our AirBNB in Jerusalem, I was intrigued by several features of the place we ended up booking: hip (and convenient) neighborhood, full kitchen, balcony overlooking the activity on the street, good reviews, good price.  As we neared our check-in date, I again reviewed our reservations and started to see reviews that warned of the loud bars that had recently opened downstairs.  “How bad could it be?”  I said.

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Off to the beach!

After spending two glorious and exhausting days in Petra, we left the comfort of the Al Rashid hotel ($24 per night, including breakfast for two!) to move on to some real R&R.  (The Al Rashid is actually the #1 hotel in Wadi Musa, despite its budget price – I wouldn’t say it’s luxurious by any means, but it’s comfortable and has air conditioning.  It also inspired several rounds of jokes between Jolyn and me, such as, “I splurged on the Al Rashid for you, honey” and “Romance at the Al Rashid!”)


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Hiking to the Monastery

After the Treasury, the second most famous structure in Petra is the Monastery.  The Monastery, or al-Deir in Arabic, is inaccurately named – it was likely a temple.  The Monastery is about an hour and a half’s hike from the Treasury, and consists of roughly 800 steps.  The best time to go is in the afternoon, as the steps are largely shaded at that point, while the facade of the Monastery is fully lit up by the sun.  You will have many offers for donkey rides, so if the 800-step ascent seems too daunting, hop on a four-legged taxi.

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